Becoming a landlord – what you need to know

Hannah Sanders - 24 January 2024

Before you think about becoming a landlord and letting out your property, there’s a few key things to think about and make sure you’ve got in place.

Below, you’ll find an overview of what you need to do to meet your obligations to your tenants and protect your interests as a landlord.

Gas, fire, furnishing and electrical safety

It’s the landlord’s responsibility to ensure all gas appliances, electrical equipment, furniture and soft furnishings are in a safe condition and comply with regulations.

Energy performance certificates

Before you rent out your home, you’ll need to have
an up-to-date EPC carried out.

Restricted areas

When looking for a property, check if it’s in a restricted area and take some time to understand what that means and what your responsibilities are. Our team can support you with this if you’re unsure.


It’s important that your property looks clean, well-maintained and ready to move into. Before having photographs taken, you may want to think about painting the rooms, tidying the garden and ensuring any furniture that’s in the house is in good

Make sure your property is weatherproof

Check that your home is weatherproof – the roof is in good condition, the property has been damp-proofed and there’s no cracks in the walls.

Have the correct buildings and content insurance

It’s important to have the right insurance when you let a property. Our team can offer you advice and support with this, so you have peace of mind you’re covered.

Do a walk-through of your property

Check the loft and all the windows, making sure they meet regulations. Make sure the meters, smart meters and boilers are in working order.

Speak to your mortgage provider

Not all providers will be able to offer you a buy to let mortgage. Seek advice from a mortgage advisor for more information.

Decide if you want a fully managed service

There’s lots of different ways to manage renting out your home and most landlords choose to have their homes fully managed by the letting agent

Find out more about our services or get in touch with us today to discover more about how we can support you.

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