Chantelle Hardie

General Manager

Chantelle Hardie

I’m the General Manager at Crucible Homes – and I love it! My days vary depending on what we have on, but they are spent catching up with the team, emails, and projects we have ongoing.

I like to spend time looking at the business – strategies and reflecting at where we are in the year.

My favourite part of my role is seeing the team succeeding – to see the glint in their eyes that I had 10 years ago is amazing and I see that in them every single morning. I like to be able to help them work things out for themselves and empower them to figure out their own paths.

Out of work my main passion would be my family. There’s me, my husband, two children and a boxer dog and we’re a very close little unit. One of our favourite Saturday nights would be spent playing boardgames around the dining table.

What I would say to our clients would be to feel reassured we’re here for them. We’re passionate about understanding our clients’ needs and making sure they are met every step of the way. Selling and renting out properties goes far beyond finding a buyer or a tenant in fact that is often the easy part! It’s everything else that comes with any huge life change that can make the experience so stressful and our mission is to alleviate some of that strain.